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I am interested in custom gift bags for a Wedding, Special Occasion or my Business who should I contact?

The more Send Ribbon gifts the merrier! No group is too big to give a special gift that gives back, please email us at tell us more about your special day and we can create a custom proposal for you.

I have a special request to add an item not in the shop to a gift. Can you do special requests?

We can add your marketing materials or photos or small gifts to our Send Ribbon gift bags in bulk - this option is only for gifts of 10 or more. There is a fee for pick and pack depending on volume of items. We do require senders to mail items to Ribbon HQ and pay the handling costs. For specific questions and a custom quote please email and our Ribbon for Business team will be happy to help!

I Send Ribbon to all my family & friends ALL the time, do you have a rewards program? 

Oh my gosh, y'all are the sweetest! We do not have a rewards program just yet but please signup for our newsletter to keep in touch for when we do. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram for fun contests and giveaways, we LOVE to surprise and delight our Send Ribbon Ambassadors with promo codes and extra Send Ribbon gift love :) 

Tell me more about the Send Ribbon Keepsake Bags?

All of our gift bags are about 10 x 12 inches in size and can hold up to six gifts in them. They all have a silk ribbon as a drawstring which ties to a charitable cause and a gift note tag with a message to the gift receiver from the sender.

Please note the original Happy Birthday Send Ribbon gift bags were slightly smaller, they might still be in circulation but don’t worry they fit gifts just fine :)

Can I buy Send Ribbon canvas gift bags without gifts to wrap my own?

We do not sell Send Ribbon gift bags individually but if you are interested in buying Send Ribbon bags in bulk for an event or to have them in your retail store, please email us at

How much of the proceeds goes to charity?

The canvas Send Ribbon bags are sold at the price of $7 dollars per bag and with shipping materials and operational costs they cost $3.50 to make and the remaining $3.50 are the proceeds. 50% of the proceeds of the ribbon canvas gift bags go to charity which is $1.75 per canvas gift bag.

Does every gift purchase in the shop go to charity?

50% of the proceeds of the canvas Send Ribbon drawstring ribbon bags do. The gifts inside the bag do not give back to charity but some of the companies of those gifts have their own give back programs.

We pride ourselves with working with great partner companies that also give back. Some gifts in the shop that give back are Emijay Hairties which donates a percent of proceeds to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Happy Spritz gives back to Animal Rescue and the Earth Bathbomb by the Bombfizzlers goes to water & ocean charities among many other products in our Send Ribbon Gift Shop.

How do you choose what charities to work with?

All of the charities and nonprofits are vetted by a group of Advisors of the Send Ribbon team. Many of them are causes near and dear to our hearts. We would like to touch the lives of many through gift giving so we always encourage other charities and nonprofits to reach out to us if interested in partnering. Send Ribbon sends reporting of sales & payment of proceeds to each charity quarterly and follows the standard procedures of cause marketing in line with the Better Business Bureau.

What charities do you currently work with? We currently work with seven charities and the list is growing! The National Breast Cancer Foundation, The Happy Birthday Project, Operation Shower, Charity:Water, The United Way of New York City, the One Love Foundation and The National PCOS Foundation.

I am a representative of a charity and I would like to partner with Send Ribbon. Who should I reach out to?

Thank you so much for your interest and helping others through your work. We are always looking to partner with amazing charities and nonprofits that align with the mission of Send Ribbon. Please email us at and include contact information & information on your cause and a member of our team will reach out.

My company sells great gifts - how do we get involved in Send Ribbon?

Thanks for reaching out. We are always on the hunt for new & exciting products in the shop for our gifts and we are constantly testing out samples from wonderful companies. Please email with product pricing, description and more about your brand. Extra points if your brand who also gives back or our from our hometown of Brooklyn :)

What are shipping costs?

Shipping costs are calculated by location and weight of the gifts you have selected. Shipping typically ranges anywhere from $6 to $22 depending on location and weight. Please note International orders may have additional fees.

What are Send Ribbon Gift Bags shipped in?

In efforts to be greener and reduce waste, we used recycled polymailer shipping bags. As we continue to grow we plan on moving to recyclable cardboard boxes.

When will my gift recipient receive their Send Ribbon giftbag?

Send Ribbon Gift orders can take one to three business days to pack and standard shipping takes two to six business days depending where you are located. Please note Federal Holidays and weather can change the estimated packing and shipping dates. All gift givers will receive confirmation of order and shipped date via email with tracking numbers.  

What is the Send Ribbon Return policy?

Due to the personalization of each gift and our charitable donation per gift bag, Send Ribbon holds a no return policy. Everyone loves a gift that is special and memorable but in the event we fell short through damage or other issues, please shoot us a note at - We are in the business of gifting for the good so we are sure to make things right! 

Lastly and most importantly, Send Ribbon was founded on the principles of spreading love, happiness and sharing joy on special occasions and in times of need. We believe the best gift of all is the gift of helping another therefore we have the right to cancel any order that goes against our founding principles.

Oh cool, you're still here. Still have a question, comment, suggestion or just want to tell us the best gift you have ever received? We would LOVE to hear from you, just send us an email :)



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