The Send Ribbon Story

Meet Kelly, a born & raised New Yorker & gift lover on a mission to make sending a gift easier, greener, and more memorable. Kelly often had to send corporate gifts to her clients but did not enjoy the process. She decided she wanted to solve many of the pain points of gifting and update the traditional gift box & gift basket company to a gift company that was more thoughtful & helped others. Together with our customers & partners Send Ribbon has been able to raise thousands of dollars for charity by reducing paper gift wrap waste. 

Our Mission

Memorable & Meaningful Gifts

Our giftbags are designed to bring joy & happiness to your loved ones. We have created a gifting platform that allows our customers to create kind gift notes and curate beautiful gift creations for their friends, family members, clients and co-workers. Our giftbags have changed the traditional gift box & gift basket industry to create a more meaningful and memorable gifting experience.

Sustainability & Philanthropy

Send Ribbon was founded at the intersection of Sustainability & Philanthropy. In efforts to be greener, we encourage all gift recipients to reuse & rewrap gifts in our giftbags. With the money that would have been wasted on paper gift wrap, we donate it back to charity. By choosing Send Ribbon, our ribbon giftbags have helped causes like women's health care, clean water, military families, homelessness, and education. We are honored to partner with charities that are making an impact.