New Year Goals with Soprano Labs!

The New Year is always a time to recharge and set goals for the year ahead. Personal and Professional goals can be hard to stick to without a plan but one goal that should always be on top of the list is Wellness! We caught up with one of our favorite wellness beauty Founders; Inna Los of Soprano Labs in Queens, New York. Inna has created an incredible organic line of soaps, lotions, and sprays that are not only good for you but good for the earth. Soprano Labs soaps make amazing gifts and the charcoal & rose soaps are two of our best selling gifts at Send Ribbon! They are the perfect gift for that friend who needs a pick me up or a Get Well Soon gift for a co-worker who is on the mend. 

Thanks for joining us Inna and being a part of the Send Ribbon journey. Please tell us more about your background.

SopranoLabs was founded out of sheer personal desperation to find truly gentle skin care products that actually work. As a performer (opera singer) I had to deal with constant stress and inflammation of my skin (heavy stage makeup, frequent flying to perform all over the world, etc.). I couldn’t find any product that offered relief for my skin issues. In a fit frustration I decided to take matters into my own hands and started research...I "fell in love" with Aromatherapy, Organic Chemistry and Cosmetic formulation. It took me years to feel confident to finally concoct my own skincare  solutions. Those solutions worked and SopranoLabs was born. I formulate and am involved in every step of the production process.

Where are you located?

We hand make all of our products in small batches in our studio in Forest Hills, New York. We are women owned/operated business and like to support women. Our customers love our 100% recyclable, minimalist and sophisticated packaging. I use my own products every day and they have transformed my skin’s health.

What type of gifts does your company make? All Natural, Vegan and Organic Bath/Body/Skincare/Perfumes. Our products contain gentle organic, natural, and food-grade ingredients. As such, you won’t find any sodium lauryl sulfates, phthalates, petrochemical byproducts, and harmful chemicals in our formulations. We do our best to source local organic raw materials to make them. Our products are sold in numerous B&M boutiques, spas, gift shops and subscription boxes in USA and Canada.

What is your favorite part about your job? Formulating/Testing something new!

What is the best gift you ever gave? Gave Birth to my Son :)

What is the best gift you ever received? Joy to do what I love: Creating!

What is your favorite charitable cause? Arts, Culture and Humanities Charities

Any exciting updates for our Send Ribbon readers? We are constantly growing and adding new products to our line. Stay tuned, we have a lot of new face masks, aromatherapy mists and body scrubs coming out throughout 2019!