How to Use Send Ribbon for your Secret Santa or White Elephant

It’s that time of year again, filled with Christmas parties and gatherings that may require a secret Santa, white elephant or yankee swap gift. I don’t know about you, but I always find these to be fun yet also filled with pressure around getting a great gift. I’m always trying to find something unique, fun and within budget - which for these events can be hard.  

This year we challenge you to do something different for your gift exchange.  Send Ribbon is perfect for your secret santa/ white elephant or yankee swap needs.  We offer a wide array of items that you can choose from to build your own custom Send Ribbon. The best part is, with the options available to you, Send Ribbon can fit any gifting budget.  All you need to do is choose your bag, choose your items, add a message (ex. From your Secret Santa) and let Send Ribbon handle the rest.

Also, when you purchase a gift from Send Ribbon this holiday season you are helping to support the many charities we partner. So save yourself some time this holiday season and let Send Ribbon help with your gifting needs.