Five Pro Tips to Save Money as a Guest this Wedding Season

It is no secret Wedding's are expensive but once you hit your late 20's, being a wedding guest can practically be a skill you get endorsed for on LinkedIn. So we asked the experts, how can we save a little bit of green and still hit the wedding scene. 

 1.) Never buy the dress, always rent. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall - now you have a dress for every season. Rent the Runway offers a wide selection of sizes and styles allowing you to look your best on a budget. Want to try it? You can get $30 towards your first rental here.

2.) Together is better. Whether you are attending a wedding single or going with your significant other, lodging with other guests helps cut the costs. Look at all three options when staying the night. Look at the room block group deal, the travel deals associated with your personal credit cards or work perks, and lastly do not forget about Airbnb options which are great for groups. Airbnb is perfect especially for getting ready, hotel bathrooms are less than ideal - see for yourself with $40 towards your first Airbnb rental here. Warning! If you do choose to stay in the room block, book early!

3.) Trains, planes and automobiles. Whether you are going to an airport or driving in a car to the venue, splitting gas costs or Ubers will assist in saving money & time. You can UberPool or ride share with other guests and split the costs right in the app. As for flight booking, we recommend the Hopper App. As soon as you get the save the date, put the flight information in and receive notifications on the best time to buy the flight, use the money you saved on the flight and treat yourself with an in-air cocktail. Pro tip: don't forget to bring your carry-on cocktail kit & minute mixology mixes, both available on

 4.) Buy a box of cards. Greeting cards for any occasion can save you up to $4 per card, seems very minimal but it will also save you the trip to the store every time you need a card. Plus mastering a thoughtful note will mean more to the couple than the one the greeting card writer inserted. 

5.) Wedding shower, engagement, honeyMoon or the big day? Send Ribbon can help customize the perfect gift with luggage tags, cocktail kits, and sweet treats all within a $25 to $100 budget. Need to add something a little more than a gift bag? Adding a gift card to where the couple is registered a perfect way to help them get some of the missed items on their list. Send a thoughtful and budget friendly gift with a donation to a charitable cause, we can do the rest.