Customer Love

We love celebrating life’s milestones with our Send Ribbon community. The gifts you put together are so fun and unique to the individual gift receiver that we decided we’d like to know more.  From time to time we will be partnering with a Send Ribbon gift giver to share about their most recent Send Ribbon experience. First up, one of our first customers from Boston, Angela.

  1. Who: Angela
  2. Location: Boston
  3. Gift Receiver: Lyssa (former employee, NYC)
  4. Reasoning For Gifting: A former direct report of mine got a new job and I wanted to send her something to congratulate her on finding the perfect role.
  5. Why Send Ribbon: I don’t live in the same state as Lyssa, so I was looking for a service that would allow me to put easily put together a thoughtful gift online. I did not want to go with the traditional flowers, fruit basket, etc because I wanted the gift to be filled with things Lyssa loved.  Send Ribbon allowed me to quickly pick a bag, fill it with goodies and they handled sending it off. I was done in less than ten minutes and Lyssa loved the gift.
  6. How’d you find out about Send Ribbon: I found Send Ribbon on Instagram! 

What Lyssa Thought: 

"It was such a fun surprise! I wasn't expecting the bag at all! I loved all the gifts inside--it really put a smile on my face!"

Need to get a gift for someone special in your life? Check out Send Ribbon by clicking the link below.